A Triple Amputee/Purple Heart Recipient Destroyed Cnn In An Epic Facebook Post

No politician in US history has gotten as much negative press as Donald Trump. They’ve attacked him over little comments he made decades ago, they’ve attacked him over his legal tax write offs, and they’ve even blatantly lied about him.One blatant lie, that has been annoying conservatives all across the country, is the lie that Donald Trump has been in cahoots with Russia. There is been absolutely zero evidence to support this claim—in fact there’s numerous evidence to the contrary, which CNN continues to ignore.When former FBI head James Comey declared that Donald Trump was not under investigation, did CNN stop spreading their lies? Nope, not even for a second. When Donald Trump Jr. released his emails, did CNN acknowledge them, and apologize for their deceitful tactics? Of course not.

For a long time, it seemed that nothing, not even the clear cut and obvious truth, would put an end to CNN’s ridiculous, childish antics. That is, until one of the most respected airmen in all of US history had something to say about it.

In a single post that he published roughly a week ago, he completely and utterly DESTROYED CNN and their anti-Trump, anti-American, globalist agenda. The senior airman, Brian Kolfage, held nothing back—yet despite his no-holds-barred attack on CNN, he’s actually an incredibly generous and patriotic person.

Freedom Daily praised Brian for his noble sacrifice to protect our country:

“Brian Kolfage Jr. didn’t just fight and sacrifice for our country, he lost three limbs in war and now lives with the daily reminder of the price paid for our freedom.”
“This includes defending the right of the First Amendment that each one of us enjoys, which those at CNN use and abuse to disrespect our president and divide our nation.”
“Kolfage has good reason to take personal offence to this given his great sacrifice and since they won’t stop, he’s provided them with a new way of getting to their website, which sends a clear message of what’s really real.”

Brian stated that “[CNN is] the enemy of all Americans, because they put their agenda first, instead of the American people.” Many Americans, both conservatives and moderate liberals alike, are starting to feel the same way. It seems that CNN has been doubling down on their anti-Trump rhetoric, however, and it’s likely only going to make things worse.


The post was shared dozens of times, and has since been picked up by numerous conservative news outlets—it’s taken Twitter and Facebook by storm over the past 48 hours, and there’s a good chance that the folks over at #FakeNewsCNN have seen it more than once.

Freedom Daily skewered CNN in their piece on Brian Kolfage, claiming that they’ve been collaborating with ISIS and Al-Qaeda propaganda creators, something which has recently been confirmed.

Since President Trump’s inauguration, not a week has gone by without CNN being caught in some sort of scandal, lie, or hoax. And despite their constant protesting, it’s only a matter of time before they go bankrupt, and alternative conservative news outlets become the new mainstream media.

Thank you and God bless our veterans!

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