Dallas Cowboys Owner Officially Banned His Players From Protesting The Anthem

NFL players on Sunday became engulfed in the controversy surrounding the national anthem, following President Donald Trump’s comments at a campaign rally in Alabama on Friday which continued via Twitter throughout the weekend.The Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans opted not to take the field during the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner,” while all but

Newt Gingrich Just OBLITERATED Anthem Protesters With 8 Simple Words

Former Speaker of the House Next Gingrich said over the weekend that “millionaires who say they are underprivileged” shouldn’t disrespect the country.Gingrich said he finds it “very offensive.”Check it out:He said it was “frustrating” that “millionaires who say they are underprivileged” are able to go about disrespecting our country and its veterans.“I don’t tune in